Here is the new 12-month forecast for Clover Health Investments Corp($CLOV)

Market Data

CLOV is a stock of interest due to the large impact the company has on the market. Here at Wall Street Facts we only cover the best stocks so make sure you check out our other articles. Today we will be diving deep into all of the essential information you need to know about CLOV. We will be studying the movement so you can make the best decision as an investor. The stock has moved $0.0600000000000005 from yesterday’s closing price of $8.94. The high for today is $9.48 and the low for today is $’ & Madlib!B9 & ‘. Let’s learn more about the company and then get into the forecast.

Company Description

Clover Health is a healthcare technology company with a deep-rooted mission of helping its members live their healthiest lives. We empower patients and physicians through communication and education toward positive health outcomes.

Stock Forecast

As an investor, you can get an idea of where the stock is trending by the forecast. In this case, CLOV is projected to have a price of $13.77 in one year which is a 153% change. They have a strong market cap of $3035.175 and a very bright future ahead of them. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update!

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